2 Day Master Class: Sales and Customer Service

With Thomas Plummer

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You must be the best part of your customers' day, every single day.


You can’t run a financially successful gym until you and your team master the art of selling and customer service. 


This two day workshop - delivered in 35 high quality videos - gives you the frameworks and tools to deliver a great customer experience every day for members and prospective members.  It's a deep dive on fundamentals that you have overlooked or forgotten but stand out to members and prospects.


The workshop is Presented by Thomas Plummer, the industry expert who has written 10 books, presented to thousands of fitness professionals over 40 years and has helped launch and grow the most successful boutique and training gyms around the world. 


This workshop is required viewing for fitness operators looking to survive the current industry shakeout.  There's no sugar coating here.  This is straight talk about the fundamentals of service and selling you need to deliver to keep your current members and close more prospects when you open again.

Are you ready to learn the sales and service skills needed to create a financially successful gym?

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Get access to the recording of Thomas' recent 2 day training on sales and customer service.


  • Why "being the best part of your clients' day" is the promise you must deliver
  • How to think about your gym offerings as a reflection of your prospects' needs
  • What it really means to "take control of your brand". From the greeting, to uniforms to thank you's.
  • Managing the entire membership journey from trial, to onboarding to renewal and referrals.

Because so many club operators are hurting right now, this limited time offer is available today for $39.99. 

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